6 Things To Do In Rockport, Texas

Phew! So you just made the drive and found yourself in our little coastal town… Well I’m sure you’re wondering what there is to do? You will have no problem keeping busy OR relaxing if that’s more your style.

Here’s six different things to do in Rockport, Texas!

1. Go to the Beach

How can you come to the coast and NOT go the beach? You can’t! While the coastline of Rockport is surrounded with sparkling bays, the best place to kick back and relax is our little Blue Wave Beach. This beach offers a Saltwater Pool which means it gets much deeper so you can practice that backstroke! There is also a ski basin called Little Bay that is the best spot to take out the jet skis or boats. This location isn’t recommended for swimming due to all of the water-crafts. The best spot for laying out while the kiddos play in the water is the main beach. This sparkling oasis is about a mile long stretch and gets about waist/chest deep. You can’t go wrong with either of these locations… ALEXA, play ‘Soak Up The Sun” by Cheryl Crow!

2. Dine On The Water

Alright, this ones for the foodie! Load everyone up and head to some of the best restaurants in town! Rockport is well known for its seafood and you’re definitely going to want to try it. We recommend heading over to Paradise Key and dining out on the back patio. You will get amazing food and an even better view! The back patio faces out to the bay and is right next to a boat ramp. The perfect location for people and nature watching. You have to try the zesty Margaritas and creamy Pecan Crusted Snapper. You can’t go wrong with any of the fried seafood options as well.

3. Immerse Yourself In Nature

Rockport isn’t just all beach and bays, it’s also decorated with many gorgeous and old Live Oak Trees. In one location you can find the Wind-Swept Live Oaks which are known for their gnarled and twisted branches. They are shaped by the strong winds that come off of the bays. You can also find the majestic Whooping Crane bird nesting at the tree tops. Rockport is home to a diverse array of coastal birds. Our favorite is the Roseate Spoonbills…AKA the “Texas Flamingo.” You can find their nesting site in the middle of Little Bay on a cute little island. You’re sure to be amazed at the beauty of these coastal creatures.

4. Shopping

Head downtown and walk the strip to view all of the cutest little shops and support our small businesses! These shops have unique clothing and accessories for men, women, and the kiddos. You can find breathtaking artwork and more! We recommend you head to Going Coastal and treat yourself to a BlackBerry Cobbler Ice Cream Cone!

5. Festivals and Events

This little coastal town is always hosting fun events and festivals! Depending on when you come and visit us, you can catch festivals like Oysterfest and Seafair. Oysterfest is held in March and Seafair is in October. You can find live music, eclectic vendors, fun activities, and amazing food. One of our favorite events is the monthly Rockport Fulton Market Days. This is an event where you can enjoy live music, tasty food from the best food trucks, and a variety of unique vendors. Drink, eat, shop, and be happy! Doesn’t get better than that. Another local favorite for the artsy folks is The Rockport-Fulton Art Festival which is held the first weekend in July. You’re bound to find something happening nearly every weekend in this coastal town.

6. Night Life

While Rockport is no Miami or Las Vegas, we still know how to get down and have some fun. You can find country music and dancing at Legends Saloon. If you’re seeking a little more “local flair” head over to the famous Sugar Shack for a salty good time. Looking for an upscale bar with quality mixed drinks and entertainment? Check out the Whiskey Palm and try the S’mores Old Fashioned.

“Rockport: A quaint little drinking town with a fishing problem.”

Let the fun begin!

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